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We are sharing the good news with you that most of the nurses that applied to the Disneyworld/Orlando-based Florida Hospital Network few months ago are now in Orlando, Florida. Our company, U.S. Global Consultants, Ltd. (USGC) and its affiliated -partners in the U.S. and the Philippines are proud to say that we were able to deliver the deployment of the first batch of nurses under the USCIS H-1B working visa.

Indeed, we are humbled but very proud of this unique achievement in helping our nurses fulfill their American Dream for the proverbial “greener pastures” and are now able to help the families they left behind. Initially, some of our applicants doubted the H-1B working visa processing amidst the fact that USGC knew all along that the I-140 immigrant visa retrogression would still be in effect. Nobody knows the timetable when the U.S. Congress would authorize USCIS to lift said retrogression.

Conversely, most of our first batch of nurses already had their I-140 immigrant visa petition (Packet 4-pending) but they decided to follow USGC’s action- plan to be deployed under the H-1B visa petition. The fact is they are already here in Orlando, Florida and will soon complete their orientation -training program to become a full-pledged RN-USA.

Accordingly, USGC wishes to inform our nurse applicants that our new Principals-

* University of Miami Health System - Miami, FL (3 Hospital complex)

* Miami- Jackson Medical Center - Miami - FL (2 Hospital complex)

* Resurrection HealthCare System - Chicago, IL (8 Hospital complex)

are in need of Critical Care nurses for immediate deployment under the H-1B visa. We would like to extend this opportunity and invite you to apply.

Please contact our affiliate partners and consultants in the Philippines and/or you can email your comprehensive resumes.

We process your documents in cooperation with JES INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER in Einstein St. San Isidro Makati City.

Thank you so much for trusting your future with USGC. Rest assured that we will do our best on your behalf.

Sincerely yours,
Suzette Manuel
Tel. 9252401 loc.3899 (12pm-1pm; 5-7pm)

Date: 25 August 2008
City/Town: Florida USA
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: $4000-6000
Start: 3 months after passing the interview
Duration: 3years contract as working visa; then change to immigrant visa
Type: Full Time
How to apply: please contact us for another batch of interview on June 2008
Company: JES International ManpowerLicense Agency
Contact: Suzette R. Manuel - Marketing Consultant
Phone: 09212790398

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