Female Nurse / PT or OT

Job description:

To join as one of three domestic helpers to an expatriate family of four. Shared responsibility for caring for a disabled four-year-old child with neurological and physical medical needs, and his six-year-old sister (no special needs), as well as general household responsibilities. Candidate will ideally be: a qualified nurse with at least two years’ working experience, preferably caring for children; or, a qualified professional physiotherapist or occupational therapist with at least two years’ experience working with disabled children. Also, preferably will have served at least one contract term as a domestic helper in Hong Kong or other countries. English language skills and inter-personal skills must be excellent. Candidate needs to have a good, positive attitude and a flexible approach to work.

The status of the employment would have to be as a DOMESTIC HELPER in Hong Kong, it is not possible for us to employ as a professional Nurse/OT/PT. This would require the applicant to also be willing to do other household chores of cleaning, cooking, laundry and shopping as needed. There will be 2 other domestic helpers in the house who will share these chores with the emphasis for the Nursing/OT/PT care of the child/children and their activities.

We will pay the processing fees for the application to be processed in HK and the Philippines. A round trip ticket is also provided and housing will be provided within our household (share helpers' room with toilet/bath, phone, tv-dvd, computer/internet). The pay is HK$ 3,600 per month to start and then will be increased based on performance. A food allowance will also be given.

If you are interested in pursuing this position please contact me via email.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Date: 20 October 2008
City/Town: Hong Kong
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: HK$3600
Start: urgent
Duration: 2 years
Type: Full Time, Home Based
How to apply: email
Company: RK Anderson
Contact: Joan

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