Video Editor and Graphic Designer

We also have quota for Philippines Indonesian and Sri Lankans nationals.

We are looking for permanent video editor who have several years experience in this field. One who have the eye to do camera work for documentaries, Studio work, outdoor events and corporate videos.

Preferably a video editor who are skilled in FCP on Apple Mac Computers, After Effects, Adobe Premier, 3ds animation, photoshop and other media and graphic software. Ability to use Apple Computers are important.

Have several years of experience, video editing documentaries, studio programs, children and educational program.

Able to work not only with video editing but with 3D graphics and animation.

Video Editor is expected to work as cameraman and help the camera man in terms of set up and lighting.

Must also be good at making Video Templates, Jingles and Opening Montage.

Willing to work abroad. Accomodation provided and in good health - will have to go through medical check up for Visa work permit.

Date: 9 July 2009
City/Town: Brunei
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: $700 to $1000 Brunei Dollars
Start: as soon as possible
Duration: 2 - 3 years
Type: Full Time
How to apply: email
Company: SJ Accessories & Craft
Contact: Chayanne Lee

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