* Supervise and care for children in employer's residence and may reside in employer's home
* Bathe, dress and feed infants and children
* Prepare formulas and change diapers for infants
* Oversee children's activities, such as meals and rest periods, as instructed by employer
* Instruct children in personal hygiene and social development
* Tend to the emotional well-being of children
* Discipline children according to the methods requested by the parents
* Organize and participate in activities such as games, crafts, reading and outings to provide amusement and exercise
* Plan, prepare and serve meals for children and may perform other housekeeping duties
* Take children to and from school and to appointments
* Maintain a healthy environment in the home
* Observe children and prepare reports for home care or babysitting agency
* May be required to keep records of daily activities and health information regarding each child.

Date: 15 March 2008
City/Town: Nationwide
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: As per rule
Start: As soon as possible
Duration: Two years
Type: Full Time
How to apply: Email or Fax
Company: Transglobe Consultancy Services
Fax: 1-647-4366973

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