* Read and interpret blueprints or
* Operate manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal segments using processes such as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), flux-cored arc welding (FCAW), plasma arc welding (PAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), oxy-acetylene welding (OAW), resistance welding and submerged arc welding (SAW)
* Operate manual or semi-automatic flame-cutting equipment
* Operate brazing and soldering equipment* Operate metal shaping machines such as brakes, shears and other metal straightening and bending machines
* Repair worn parts of metal products by welding on extra layers.

Date: 15 March 2008
City/Town: Nationwide
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: As per rule
Start: At an early date
Duration: Two years
Type: Full Time
How to apply: Email or Fax
Company: Transglobe Consultancy Services
Fax: 1-647-4366973
Email: resume@transglobevisa.com

Credits: Header image adapted from wallpaperstock.net.

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